Simos Evangelou



Departments of Mechanical, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Imperial College London
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2AZ


1999-2004 Imperial College London – Ph.D. & DIC

Control Engineering – Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Research project: “The Control and Stability Analysis of Two-Wheeled Road

Vehicles”, funded by the EPSRC.

1995-1999 University of Cambridge – BA/M.Eng (MA in 2002)

Electrical and Information Sciences – Department of Engineering. Apointments

Jan 2006-present Lecturer, Departments of Mechanical, and Electrical and Electronic Engi-

neering, Imperial College London (Joint appointment).

2004-Dec 2005 Research Associate, Control and Power Group, Department of Electrical

and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London.

1999-2004 Research Assistant, (same research group as above).



• Motorcycle modelling research commercialised in the software package BikeSim, marketed and

supported by the US software company Mechanical Simulation (see

/products/bikesim/). Among others, BikeSim is used by OEM companies Harley Davidson,

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki,Yamaha, and supplier companies Bosch, Dunlop and Delphi.

• GE Aviation, shimmy oscillations in aircraft landing gear.

• Williams-F1, minimum lap-time optimisation for race cars using preview control.

• Ducati Corse, steering compnator development for heir MotoGP racing motorcycles.

• ECOSSE Spirit (ES1) prototype motorcycle, dynamic performance of the ES1 which is pio-

neering a number of new low-mass low-drag related concepts.


• High-profile litigation in the US for fatal motorcycle instability incident.

• UK Police Forensic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Unit, fatal motorcycle collision. ResarchGrants


• EPSRC network “New-ACE: A Network for New Academics in Control Engineering”, co-

investigator (PI for Imperial), EP/E055877/1, funds awarded to the network £73,381.

• Knowledge Transfer Secondment (KTS) Scheme for one of my recently graduated PhD students

at Imperial to support his secondment into Williams-F1 for one year to enhance exploitation

for his PhD research, work is on “Minimum lap-time optimisation for race cars using preview

control”, 2010-2011, awarded £42,340.

MWilliams Grand Prix Engineering (F1)

• “Minimum lap-time optimisation for race cars using preview control”, sole investigator, 2007-

2010, awarded £24,000.

MImperial Innovations

• Proof of Concept for “Variable-geometry active suspension”, 2011, awarded £25,000.



ME: Mechanical Engineering Department, EEE: Electrical Engineering Department.


• Modelling and control of multibody mechanical systems (4th year & MSc, EnVision).

Newly introduced: designed lecture notes, coursework, sample exam paper.

• Mechatronics (ME 1st year, 220 students, course leader ).

MPostgraduate Project Supervision (main supervisor)

• PhD: M. Thommyppillai, “Optimal path-tracking of virtual race-cars using gain-scheduled

preview control”, EEE/ME, completed July 2010, sponsored by Williams-F1.

• PhD:W. Davidson, “Aircraft NLG Shimmy – Methods, tools and analysis”, EEE, GE Aviation.

• PhD: A. Shukla, “Parametric modelling, control and optimisation of hybrid vehicles”, ME.

• PhD: W. Shabbir, “Control and optimisation of hybrid vehicles”, EEE, started 2011.

• PhD: C. Arana Remirez, “Variable-geometry active suspension systems”, EEE/ME, EPSRC

Programme Grant / Imperial Innovations PoC funded, started 2011.

• PostDoc: M. Tomas-Rodriguez, “Motorcycle stability and control”, EEE, EPSRC Portfolio

Partnership funded (until 2007).

MInternational Collaboration

• MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) led international initiative Vehicle Design Summit

(VDS) to design a unique plug-in hybrid car prototype – past major participation of

Imperial College headed by me. Imperial team (10 students) developed a simulation model

which describes accurately the hybrd dymics.

MUndergraduate Project Supervision

• 2010-11: 12 projects, 2009-10: 12 projects, 2008-09: 8 proj., 2007-08: 15 proj., 2006-07: 8 proj.

MTutorials, Study groups, Laboratory Demonstration

• Mechatronics (ME), Solid Mechanics (ME), Stress Analysis (ME), Computing (ME), Electron-

ics, Instrumentation and Control (ME), Signals and Linear Systems (EEE), Electronics (EEE). ProfesionalExperience


• Core member and Steering Committee member of the EPSRC “Network for New Academics

in Control Engineering” (New-ACE,, 2007-).

• Co-chair in the organising committee of the Track on System Modeling and Simulation for the

IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (IEEE CASE 2007, 2008).

• Member of EPSRC Materials, Mechanical and Medical Engineering (M3E) Review Panel meet-

ing, September 2011.

MExpert Reviewing

• EPSRC, ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, IEEE Transactions

on Control Systems Technology, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vehicle System

Dynamics, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Control Engineering Prac-

tice, Journal of Automobile Engineering, Part D, Proceedings of the IMechE, Meccanica, IEEE

Control Systems Magazine, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), International

Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) World Congress, IEEE Conference on Automation

Science and Engineering (CASE), IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (MSC),

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), IEEE International

Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), European Control Conference (ECC), IFAC

Symposium on System Identification.

MJournal Editing

• Designated Editor for Control Engineering Practice.



• First Year Organiser of the undergraduate course of the Imperial College Mechanical Engi-

neering Department.

• Member of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department Plagiarism Committee.

• Organiser and Chair of the workshop on “Modelling of multibody mechanical systems” by

Prof Roberto Lot of University of Padov, Ialy, o be held at Imperial in November 2011. The

workshop is organised within the framework of he “Erasmus, Lifelong Learning Programme”.

• Organiser and Chair of the workshop on “Dynamics and Control of Mechanical and Aerospace

Systems” held at Imperial in March 2009. The workshop was organised within the framework

of the EPSRC funded “Network for New Academics in Control Engineering” (New-ACE).

• Postgraduate Representative for the Control and Power Group of the Department of Elec-

trical and Electronic Engineering, 2001–2003. Patents

Research work on “Variable-geometry active suspension” included in Imperial Innovations’

‘automotive portfolio’ for commercialisation. Innovations is a technology development and com-

mercialisation company based in London which identifies, protects and commercialises valuable

intellectual property originating mainly from Imperial College London. A patent has been filed

to the UK patent office in August 2010 to protect IPR. An international patent application

(PCT) which includes further IP has been filed in August 2011.