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Ali Akbar Safavi


Ali Akbar Safavi

Associate Professor in Systems and Control Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz- Iran
tel.: +98.711.6133112 fax: +98.711.2303081 - Skype: a.a.safavi -

Research interests: Modeling and control of engines and other plants and processes. Web-based and Network-based control. Model based optimization and control, Wavelets, Neural Networks, and ICT applications.

Graduated in 1987 (BSc) in Electrical Engineering, University of Ahwaz (Iran). MSc in Control Engineering (1992) from University of NSW (Australia), PhD in Systems and Control Engineering (1996) from Sydney University (Australia). Worked at various industries and held various management positions in University and Industry, Several national and international awards. Author/co-author of more than 100 journal and conference papers and several books.