Jian Xiong



Sep, 1993~July,1997:study in university of electronic science and techonology of china,bacheler degree,major in electronic engineering

July,1997~Aug,2002:work in Zhejiang Kaiyuan computer co.ltd. (engineer)

Sep,2002~May,2005 study in university of electronic science and technology of china,major in computer science(real time embeded system ),master degree 

May,2005~Sep,2006 work in Chengdu wit injection ltd.co.(senior engineer),design ECU for vehicle diesel engine 

Oct,2006~May,2010:work in Dalian Longbeng co.ltd.(director  of  Electronics&Controls R&D center ),design ECU for diesel engine of vehicle.

June,2010—Work in ASIMCO (Electronic s &Controls  senior manager)