Mustafa Engin Emekli




Calibration & Controls, Ford Otosan, Turkey


Phone: +902626779549






 He received his BSc degree from Istanbul Technical University dept. Of Mechanical Engineering with Bachelor thesis, "Design of collision warning system for road vehicles" with Assoc. Prof. Bilin Aksun Güvenç from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). He has completed his MSc in  Mechatronics in 2008 with concentration on Semi-active suspension systems. He has been participated as Research Engineer to a joint research project "Active Chassis Control"  between ITU and Ford Otosan, Turkey. 


Since 2009, he has been a PHd student in Istanbul Technical University, Mechanical engineering under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Bilin Aksun Güvenç.


Professionally, he has been working as a Powertrain Calibration Engineer in Ford Otosan, Turkey and responsible for On-Board Diagnosis system design and calibration of Diesel Engines.


His research interests are,


n  Model Based , intelligent diagnosis system for IC engines.

n  Model predictive control

n  Semi active suspension control

n  Real time control

n  On-board diagnosis