Erkin Dincmen


Mekar Labs, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Inonu Cad., No:87, Gumussuyu, 34437, Istanbul, Turkey.

Phone : +902122931300 (ext.2498)

e-mail :,

Researcher at Mekar Labs during the PhD study. Responsibilities: Developing realistic vehicle dynamics simulation models (14 degree of freedom nonlinear vehicle model including yaw, roll, pitch, longitudinal, lateral, vertical motions, four suspension units and four tire units. Integrating nonlinear Magic Formula Tire Model). Developing yaw stability, roll stability, ABS control algorithms. Testing the algorithms in simulation environments Matlab/Simulink, CarMaker and CarSim. Developing hybrid electric vehicle models and designing control algorithms on a basis of fuel consumption and emmision minimization, powertrain efficiency maximization.

Work in a research project as a project assistant in the Research and Development Center of Arçelik A.Ş. during the MSc study.

PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Thesis Name: Extremum Seeking Theory and its Application in Automotive Control.

MSc, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Program of Machine Theory and Control.

BSc, Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Active Safety Systems, Vehicle Modeling, Vehicle Stability Control, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control, Extremum Seeking Control, Sliding Mode Control, Optimization.