Ivan Arsie


Ivan Arsie

Department of Industrial Engineering University of Salerno, Fisciano (SA) - Italy

e-mail: iarsie@unisa.it, tel.: +39.089.964080 fax: +39.089.964037

Degree cum laude in Mechanical Engineering from University of Salerno (1995). Research Doctorate in "Thermo-Mechanical Systems Engineering" from University of Naples "Federico II" (1999). Assistant Professor in ‘Fluid Machines and Energy Conversion Systems’ and lecturer of ‘Fluid Machines’, ‘Experiments on Internal Combustion Engines’ and ‘Monitoring and Control of Mechanical Systems’. He worked at the Technical University of Denmark under prof. Elbert Hendricks on the observer based control technology and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology under prof. Lino Guzzella on modeling and control of VVT engines. Author of over 70 papers on modeling, control and optimization of automotive engines, hybrid vehicles and cogeneration power-plants. His research interests are: Engine rapid prototyping; Optimal design of engine control strategies; Prediction and control of air/fuel ratio dynamics via EKF and RNN; Phenomenological models for combustion and emissions in Gasoline and Diesel engines; Optimisation of energy management in hybrid vehicles; Thermo-economic analysis of cogeneration power- plants. SAE member. Teaching staff member of the Ph.D.in Mechanical Eng., Univ.of Salerno.