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Minggao Ouyang

Minggau Ouyang

Minggao Ouyang

Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of Tsinghua University
Email: ouymg (a)

Prof. OUYANG has been engaged in the research area of Automotive Powertrain Systems for a long time. He has been responsible for and complete several projects of national 863, 973, science foundation and industrial cooperation, developed related disciplines and technological platforms, and launched several venture enterprises. His main research and teaching work includes: systems and controls of internal combustion engines, hybrid powertrain system and controls, lithium-ion battery and hydrogen fuel cell powertrain systems and controls, Automotive powertrain system analysis and technology strategy.

Prof. OUYANG has published more than 200 papers (SCI: 80, EI: 150), and is the author of an academic monograph Automotive New Powertrain: Systems, Models and Controls. He was invited to give special reports in international conferences for many times. He has obtained more than 30 Chinese patents of invention. He won two second-class prizes of National Award for Technological Invention in 2007 (New Electronic Control Systems of Vehicular Diesel Engine and Applications) and in 2010 (Multi-energy Integration Hybrid Power Systems for City Bus and Applications) respectively. He also won three prizes of Provincial Science and Technology Progress, the Ho-Leung-Ho-Lee Science and Technology Innovation in 2008 and the Technical Achievement Award for International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) in 2010. Because his excellent achievements in scientific research and education, he won several honorary titles as national outstanding technical worker, national outstanding postdoctoral and national outstanding returned oversea students.