Carlos Guardiola




Carlos Guardiola

Associate Professor

CMT-Motores Térmicos

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera s.n., 46022, Valencia, Spain.

Phone: +34 963877650 Fax: +34 963877659


Carlos Guardiola was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1977. He received the MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 1995, and PhD in Internal Combustion Engines in 2000. In 1995 he joined the CMT-Motores Térmicos Institute of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, where he is currently Associate Professor and research manager in the Engine Control domain. His research is focused in new engine control concepts, new sensor integration, engine modelling, model predictive control, data analysis and system identification, and failure detection and identification.