Maxime Debert

maxime debert


8, Rue Montbauron
78000 Versailles (France)
Tel : + 33 1 76 85 03 44

PhD Student in energy management of HEV

Since 2008 PhD student at the University of Orleans, specialty Automation and Energy.
Thesis supported by the French OEM’S Renault on the development of energy
management for HEV and PHEV.
Academics: Vehicle propulsion system (ETH Zurich), Optimization
(ENSMP), Combustion and atmosphere pollution (University of Orleans)
2008 Master degree in computer science at UTC
Specialty: Technique Information System
Academics : Non linear system, Lyapunov stability, Observator
(Luenberger, EKF, Bayesian …), optimization, control of electric motor.
2008 Automotive Engineer ESTACA.
Field : Command and system.
Automotive: Vehicle dynamics, architecture, brakes, aerodynamic,
transmission, Internal Combustion Engine, ICE control
Project :
- Design study of « Mégane Break »
- Study of initiated combustion with laser in automotive application
- Diagramme de défaillance d’un véhicule hybride (Toyota PriusII).
- Improvement of a “Pro Truck” for the DAKAR race
- Dimensioning the ball-bearing of Siemens VAL
- Altran & Renault F1 : thermal study of tires
2002 Baccalauréat Scientific specialty mathematics with mention
Professional experiences
2008 University of Orleans Modeling and dimensioning of a traction battery for
automotive application. Non-linear continuous identification methods,
optimization tools.
2007 ISL (Research for Security and Defense) Study of stability and guidance of a
155 mm canards guided spin-stabilized projectile. Modeling with quaternion
on Matlab/Simulink.
2005 C.E.A. Cadarache (Nuclear study center), Tore Supra (hydrogen fusion
machine). Responsible of an interactive room for engineer with secured
communication with JET (another tokamak in UK)
Software and informatics
Matlab/Simulink : Modeling plant in order to design it control
Project Matlab/Simulink :
Dynamical modeling of a Renault 8 Gordini.
Modeling of a power converter
Modeling of a PVTOL
Modeling of a spin-stabilized projectile
Dspace : Fast prototyping for control study.
Dspace study:
Prototyping of a scalded model of helicopter
Prototyping of an industrial oven
Prototyping of an Aero-thermal machine
Prototyping of electric motor control
Programming: C, C++, java, HTML.
Creation of a video game (simple strategy inspired of chess) with artificial intelligence.
Trained on CATIA, Solidworks, Word, Excel, Power Point
French: Mother tong
English: Good understanding: 820 TOEIC.
German: Scholar
Debert, Colin, Mensler, Chamaillard, and Guzzella, Li-ion battery models for HEV simulator.
Proceedings of Advances in hybrid powertrains conferences IFP, 2008.
Debert, Colin, Chamaillard, Mensler, Ketfi- Cherif and Guzzella Energy management of a
high efficiency hybrid transmission. SAE Technical Paper, 2010, 2010-01-1311.
Debert, Colin, Chamaillard, Guzzella, Ketfi-Cherif and Bellicaud, Predictive energy
management for hybrid electric vehicles - Prediction horizon and battery capacity sensitivity.
AAC Munich, 2010
Informatics: Excel and initiation of VBA for first year engineering student at
Hybrid vehicle: Conference IUT Orléans

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