Call for Hosting ALCOS 2025

We look forward to receiving applications for hosting the 15th IFAC Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Control Systems (ALCOS) planned for the year 2025.

The main criteria adopted for the selection of ALCOS 2025 are summarized in the following items (without a priority):

  • General activity in the field of adaptive and learning systems in the proponent country;
  • Availability of an appropriate infrastructure and facilities for setting up a workshop of the size of recent ALCOS;
  • Proposing team, possibly with their activity within IFAC;
  • Geographical distribution of the symposiums in earlier years;
  • Moderate registration fees and availability of some inexpensive accommodation.

Timelines and guidelines for the selection procedure are listed below:

  • Deadline for the submission of the proposals: July 08 2023. The proposals must be sent by email to the chair of the TC ( The proposal consists of a document describing the candidature with special regards to the criteria specified above. The whole proposal must be limited to 2 pages, size A4, font Times Roman, 12 pt.
  • The TC Chair will send out the received proposals to the IFAC TC 1.2 Members promptly. Members can request for clarifications and additional information about the proposals. Additional information requests can be transmitted to the Chair of the TC 1.2 who will forward them to the specific proponents. All the members will be kept informed about the requests and the relative answers.
  • During the IFAC 2023 a (preferable physical) TC meeting will be organized. During the meeting:
    • Each proponent will briefly present its candidature. The presentation must not be longer than 5 min plus 2-4 min for discussion. The presence of at least one person of the proponent team is mandatory for presentation of the candidature.
    • IFAC TC 1.2 members attending the meeting will vote for selecting the winner. If necessary, the votes will be received by email as well.

Voting system:

  • All TC 1 .2 members attending the TC meeting have right to vote except the ones coming from the proponent countries.
  • The TC 1.2 Chair is excluded from voting.
  • The vote is secret.
  • The voting procedure is considered valid in presence of at least 20 voters. In case the quorum is not reached, a different democratic selection procedure, to take place after the IFAC 2023, will be decided during the meeting.
  • If more than two proposals are evaluated, two voting stages will be set up. In the first stage, the two proposals that have obtained the higher number of votes will be identified. The second stage will be a simple majority vote between these two. In the possible second stage, members of the countries excluded in the first stage have right to vote.

For additional information: Tiago Roux OLIVEIRA

State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ),
Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524 – office 5018E
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20.550-900 Brazil
Tel. +55 21 99692 1023

A CFP can be found here