TC 1.1. Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing

Welcome Message from the Chair


Welcome to the website of the IFAC Technical Committee 1.1 on Modeling, Identification and Signal Processing.

This website collects details of technical activities sponsored by IFAC in the area of system identification and signal processing, together with related information and links likely to be of interest to researchers and practicing engineers working in these fields. This includes a description of the activities sponsored by the committee, a list of current members, past and future events, and pertinent links. 

With more and more engineering applications becoming model based, at the era of "big data", data driven model learning and system identification play an important role in many domains such as smart power grids, automotive systems, intelligent transportation systems and smart factories to name a few. In view of these application domains, and also due to new emerging methodological trends, system identification is undergoing a period of exciting and very active developments.

The flagship event of this Technical Committee is the triennial symposium SYSID which was first held in Prague in 1967. The next symposium will take place in Boston in 2024. Please visit this website

to get more information about this important event.