Following a one month discussion within TC1.2, it was decided that, ALCOSP, the flagship event of this TC should be renamed ALCOS. Also, PSYCO series will be stopped.
So far, the flagship event has been ALCOSP: Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing. The TC has also been organizing in parallel PSYCO: Periodic System Control. During the month of February 2017, a lively debate has been organized in TC1.2 about these events. The main conclusions of the debate are the following: a/ The flagship event of this TC will be renamed             Adaptive and Learning Control Systems - ALCOS The new name is more inline with the TC's prime motivations i.e. Adaptive Control and Learning Control. b/ TC1.2 will stop sponsoring the organization of PSYCO in conjunction with ALCOS, due to the small PSYCO attendance during the last editions. c/ The ALCOS scope will be enlarged to include topics relevant to "Oscillations" and a room in the IPC will be reserved to members of this community.  d/ Attention should be paid to some organizational considerations such as avoiding overlapping with other events, advertising more the new name of the event within other TCs, inviting plenary speakers from close communities (e.g. machine Learning, system identification), ... e/ As most past (ALCOSP) editions were held in Europe, we should promote holding future ALCOS editions outside Europe.   All above moves will be implemented starting from the forthcoming ALCOS edition in 2019.