Prof Dr. Johnny Ottesen

Professor of Mathematics and Mathematical ModelingProf. Ottesen


Department of Science, Systems and Models

Building 27

Roskilde University

Universitetsvej 1

4000 Roskilde








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A personal statement:

I am leading the BioMath-group at Department of Science, Systems and Models, Roskilde University that do bio-mathematical and bio-medical modeling. The Bio-Math group at Roskilde University was formed in 1993 and consists of 8 researchers and PhD students. I have a solid background in modelling the cardiovascular system and the regulation of the cardiovascular system. Complex dynamical systems and parameter estimation is central topics in my research. Along with Math-Tech and Herlev University Hospital, I have developed a model based full scale anaesthesia simulator, which is in use at several university hospitals world wide. The use of the anaesthesia simulator is similar to that of a fly simulator; medical doctors and nurses are trained in the anaesthesia simulator and may be used as a supporting system in relation to treatment and diagnostics too. The underlying models are based on first principles stirring the physiological mechanisms involved and are adjustable to a large number of patient specific situations. I am director of Mathematical Modelling program under Roskilde Graduate Schools. The program cooperates with MECOBS, a national Mathematical Network in Modeling, Estimation and Control of Biotechnological Systems Supported by the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production 2006-2010 hosted at Roskilde University and where I am partner. In addition to these subjects also endocrine physiology especially the HPA-axis related to depression as well as diabetes and various infection diseases are central to my research.

Recently I have worked on exploring treatment strategies for type 1 diabetes through mathematical modelling, methods for parameter estimation in human glucose-insulin system, mathematical modeling of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal Axis, mathematical modeling of edema at diabetes generated changes in vasomotor frequency, impact of respiration on blood flow during changing position, and mathematical modeling of fluid flow in systems of elastic channels with periodic compression.


Positions and employment:

1987-1988 Visiting researcher at University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

1988 Visiting researcher at RIMS, Kyoto, Japan.

1988-1992 Research Associate, Roskilde University, Denmark.

1993-1998 Assistant Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark.

1998-2006 Associate Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark.

2004-2006 Head of Department of Mathematics and Physics and their Functions in Education, Research and Applications (IMFUFA) at RUC

2006- Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark.