TC 8.2. Biological and Medical Systems

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11th IFAC symposium on Biological and Medical Systems 

September 19-22, 2021 in Ghent, Belgium


Dear Colleague, 

IFAC BMS 2021 is the 11th IFAC symposium on Biological and Medical Systems. 

BMS2021 features three main themes to provide latest results in context of personalized medicine and personalized medication production processes:
- drug delivery systems: includes modelling, control, analysis and pharmacological studies, medical devices, clinical trial results;
- combined cancer therapy: includes nanomedicine, radiation, immunology, stem cells, modelling and control, medical devices and robotics, clinical trial results;
- pharmaceutical processes: includes process modelling, process control, bio-chemical process optimization, instrumentation.

Experimental, clinical and feasibility studies are particularly welcome contributions. The symposium covers all aspects of biomedicine, physiology, biology, pharmaceutical and epidemiological problems interconnected through multidisciplinarity with systems engineering.

The technical program will comprise several types of presentations in regular and invited sessions, tutorial sessions, and special sessions along with workshops and exhibits. An important goal of the conference is to emphasize the enabling role of engineering and control in the emerging Pharma 4.0 context and listen to the challenges from both industry and academia.

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