TC 8.4. Biosystems and Bioprocesses

Welcome on the webpage of 
the IFAC Technical Committee on Biosystems and Bioprocesses

The TC on Biosystems and Bioprocesses, formerly known as Control of Biotechnological Processes has been an active TC over the last decades and its role will be most probably be increasing in the future due to the increasing importance of biotechnology in control applications. The change of name reflects the inflection in focus due to the importance of control in bioprocesses and in biosystems (cells of any kind !!). This results also in several practical changes, via

  • the co-sponsorship of other IFAC events like ADCHEM and DYCOPS, two symposia sponsored by the TC on Chemical Process Control
  • more interactions with the other TCs of our TB:
    • Control in Agriculture
    • Modelling and Control of Biomedical Systems
    • Modelling and Control of Environmental Systems

Another important change is the greater accessibility and visibility to biotechnology applications of the Journal of Process Control, which has become an IFAC journal.