Abstract for Invited Session Proposal

This is an example abstract for a proposal of an invited session by the title: "Modeling Methods and Clinical Applications"


The session focuses on modeling and control in biology and medicine and is sponsored by the IFAC TC8.2 that focuses on this application space. A particular focus is put in this session to those investigations with a tight interrelationship between engineering and clinical medicine and/or data to support the modeling and control research presented. 

A secondary goal of the session is to provide a broad cross section of the area, rather than focusing on specific application areas. Given the clinical focus there also arise the technical implications on method simplicity and accuracy, or the impact of these issues on clinical efficacy. 

Overall, this session focuses, broadly, on model-based applications of dynamic systems modeling, control and system identification to clinical medicine. The application areas are broad, but include current and emerging applications, as well as a wide array of potential application spaces.