Meeting Minutes TC8.2, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic, 7 July 2005


Minutes of the IFAC Technical Committee Meeting

7 July 2005

IFAC World Congress

Prague, Czech Republic



Chair: Professor David Feng,  Chair of the TC 8.2,  University of Sydney,




   Ewart Carson

    City University, London, UK

   Janan Zaytoon

    University of Reims, France

   Balázs Benyó

    Budapest University of
   Technology and Széchenyi István
   University, Hungary

   Jorge Bondia

   Technical University of Valencia,

   C W Chan

    University of Hong Kong

   Keith Godfrey

   University of Warwick, UK

   Martin Hexamer

    University Bochum, Germany

   Levente Kovács

    Budapest University of Technology,

   Bernhard Lampe

    University of Rostock, Germany

   Mahdi Mahfouf

    University of Sheffield, UK

   Adreas Schrempf

    University of Applied Sciences,
    Linz, Austria

   Olaf Simanski

   University of Rostock, Germany

   Josep Vehi

    University of Girona, Spain

   Xiaolan Xie

    Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne,


IFAC TC meeting 2005 (1)


IFAC TC meeting 2005 (2)



  (1)    The TC membership list has been updated (see directly from the TC 8.2 website or indirectly from the IFAC main website). It is important for members to be active in the field and for the TC to identify, attract and recruit young active research leaders in the field as "new blood" to the committee. As the next world congress will be held in Korea, it is also important to strengthen ties in Korea.
Action: Recruit one or more Korean research leaders to the TC.
   (2)    The TC has actively participated in the development of the Milestone report and presentation for the IFAC 2005 world congress, which is new for this year. From now on all TC members are invited and encouraged to contribute to future milestone reports.
Action: TC Chair will send invitation to all members when we are in a position to prepare for the next milestone report for the next IFAC world congress. Members are encouraged to think ahead and be more prepared before the next call is sent out.
   (3)    The TC has actively sponsored and co-sponsored a number of conferences, symposiums and workshops over the last 3 years. The TC will continue to play an active role in organizing professional activities, in particular together with IEEE-EMBS, IMEKO and IFBME. All members are encouraged to organize TC related events, conferences and workshops etc. Proper procedures need to be followed and applications have to be made through the IFAC headquarters. After approval from headquarters, these activities can use the IFAC Logo and can be named as IFAC officially sponsored or co-sponsored activities. These activities should be listed in the TC website as well.
   (4)    The TC website has been established, and most information on the TC can be found, including the membership list, scope of the committee, activities, reports and minutes, previous and new events, etc. Members are encouraged to send information and activities to the TC chair to be published on the website, to attract more people to attend your events.
   (5)    IFAC MCBMS_06 – (the next TC 8.2 Symposium)
The 6th IFAC Symposium on Modelling and Control in Biomedical Systems 20-22 September 2006, Reims, France
The next symposium will be held in Reims, the city of French kings' coronation and champagne. It will be organised in the Congress Centre, within walking distance from hotels. The banquet will take place in a prestigious champagne house. The registration fees are now fixed at 460€, with students registration at 360€. Lunches and the banquet will be provided as well as the conference publications.
The website is operational at
Reims is situated 150 km to the east of Paris. It has a direct connection by shuttle car with both Paris airports. The railway station and the motorways are situated at about 200 meters from the Congress Centre.
Action: Janan Zaytoon will contact Elsevier to make the necessary arrangements related to the publication of the Proceedings. An agreement was already established one year ago.
After a discussion related to the modes of presentation, a final decision was taken to organise the symposium on the basis of one track (no parallel sessions) involving oral and poster presentations.
The members of the IPC and the TC are invited to submit some proposals for invited plenary speakers to D. Feng and J. Zaytoon, by September 15, 2005. It is intended to have three plenary speakers, an industrial, a clinical, and a scientific one. The expenses of the plenary speakers will be paid by the organisers.
The members of the IPC and the TC are also encouraged to propose invited sessions and to diffuse information related to the symposium.
Action: Two meetings of the TC and the IPC will be scheduled during the 2006 symposium. The first meeting (just before the symposium) on September 20, at 9:30 am, and the second (just after the symposium) on September 22 at about 5 pm.