Meeting Minutes TC8.2 open meeting 2011

Milano, Italy - 29 August 2011, at the venue of the 18th IFAC World Congress

    TC 8.2. Members:

    Steen Andreassen (Denmark) [Chairman]

    Geoff Chase (New Zealand)

    Bálazc Benyó (Hungary)

    Zoltán Benyó (Hungary)

    Josep Vehí (Spain)

    Lingfeng Wen (Australia)

    Jianhua Zhang (China)

    Olaf Simanski (Germany)

    Jorge Bondia (Spain)

    Kevin Guelton (France)

    Teresa Mendonca (Portugal)

    Chrysostomos Stylios (Greece)

    Levente Kovács (Hungary)

    Per Hagander (Sweden)

    Ulrike Pielmeier (Denmark)


    Thomas Lotz (New Zealand)

    Lalo Magni (Italy)

    Thiago Martins (Brazil)

    Marcos Tsuzuki (Brazil)

    Jose-Luis Diez (Spain)

    Thomas Desaive (Belgium)


    All other members had received an invitation by mail, but were unable to attend.

    Attendees of the meeting


      TC8.2 open meeting in Milano  

      TC8.2 open meeting in Milano (2)

  1. Report by the chairman
  2. The Chairman Steen Andreassen welcomed the TC members and all other attendees to the meeting and began his report by telling about the role that our TC plays within IFAC: To promote the interest of engineers in medicine and biology, and to actively support or organize conferences on these topics.

    TC8.2 has seen a remarkable growth in the past. More than 150 submissions were reviewed for this world congress, and for the first time in its history, TC8.2 was represented by a full track of sessions.  Also in recent years, TC8.2 showed a nice profile at congresses. At the UKACC International Conference on CONTROL 2010, 8 sessions fell into our area of interest, and a special issue is under preparation. From the last Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems (BMS2009), no less than 4 special issues have been published or are in preparation for publication in our affiliated Journals

    The chairmans report was approved by the majority of the attending members.


    Chairman Steen Andreassen

    TC8.2 open meeting in Milano (4)  

    TC8.2 open meeting in Milano (3)


  3. Election of chair and vice chairs
  4. Steen Andreassen was elected chairman and Ewart Carson, David Dagan Feng and Geoff Chase were elected vice chairs for the committee by the attending members.


  5. Report from BMS 2012
  6. Balázs Benyó gave a detailed report on the preparations for BMS 2012 in Budapest next year. The deadline for the proposal of speakers and invited sessions will be 0ctober 21, 2011. Papers must be submitted by February 3, 2012. Final paper submission deadline is June 8, 2012.

    The registration fee will be 450 EUR, students can register at a reduced fee of 300 EUR. The fee includes lunches, coffee breaks and social events. The official symposium site will be at the "Hotel Gellert".

    The symposium website will be updated regularly. Balázs Benyó invited proposals for speakers and invited sessions, and gave a presentation of the accommodation sites and post-conference tour possibilities in Budapest and vicinity.

    The report was approved by the attendees, and it was formally decided that the next symposium BMS 2012 will be hosted in Budapest.


  7. Newly affiliated Journal
  8. The proposal by the chairman, to accept the "Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing" as affiliated journal of TC 8.2 was approved by the attendees of the meeting.  TC8.2 has now 3 affiliated journals: “Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine”,  “Biomedical Signal Processing and Control” and "Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing".


  9. Venue of the Symposium BMS 2015

        At the symposium in Aalborg in 2009, Geoff Chase had proposed to host the 9th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems in 2015
        (BMS 2015) in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, the recent earthquakes have devastated the city and left a damage that makes the successful
        hosting of such an event in 2015 unlikely. Geoff Chase proposed to search for a different venue for BMS 2015.

        It was agreed by the attendees, that one possible solution for the hosting of BMS 2015 could be in Liège in Belgium. This decision will be taken in 2012 at
        the symposium in Budapest. Other suggestions from the auditorium were to host the symposium outside Europe, in order to expand the "local" scope of


 6.   Next meeting


    The next meeting of TC8.2. will be at the symposium in Budapest in 2012.  The meeting ended at 20:30 p.m.