Meeting Minutes TC8.2 open meeting 2009

Aalborg, Denmark - 12 August 2009, during the 7th IFAC Symposium on Modelling and Control in Biomedical Systems (including Biological Systems)
  1. Attendees

  2. TC 8.2. Members:

    Steen Andreassen (Denmark) [Chairman]

    David Dagan Feng (Hong Kong/Australia) [Vice-Chairman]

    Stephen Rees (Denmark)

    Geoff Chase (New Zealand)

    Bálazc Benyó (Hungary)

    Zoltán Benyó (Hungary)

    Josep Vehí (Spain)

    Eckhard Salzsieder (Germany)

    Noureddine Manamanni (France)

    Neil D. Evans (UK)

    Keith Godfrey (UK)


    Ulrike Pielmeier (minutes keeper), Lars P. Thomsen, Alina Zalounina, Dan S. Karbing, Ricardo Antonio Salido Eviz, Michael M. Andersen, Peter Wagner, Chris Hann, Marcos De Sales Guerra Tsuzuki, Esteban Abelardo Hernandez Vargas, Ke Li, Stanislav Matousek, Jiri Kofranek

    All other members of the Committee had been invited, but were unable to attend.

    The meeting in Aalborg



  3. Welcome 

  4. The Chairman welcomed the TC members and other attendees to the meeting. The minutes from the last TC8.2. meeting at the IFAC World Congress in Seoul were approved by the members with no further comments.


  5. Report from the Chairman

    Chairman Steen Andreassen

    Chairman Steen Andreassen 


    Role at the IFAC World Congress

    The TC 8.2. showed a nice profile at the WC in Seoul, 2008, having organized 3 sessions, which is quite a satisfactory result. The chairman expressed his wish for the TC to play an equally active role at the next WC in Milano in 2011. He encouraged the attending members to contemplate their role in the organization. Members should propose sessions, to improve the quality of contributions, and to make the committee’s presence felt.


    Affiliated Journals, special issues

    The TC 8.2. affiliated journal “Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine” came out with a special issue after the WC in Seoul. Newly affiliated is the journal “Biomedical Signal Processing and Control”. After this symposium, both journals intend to bring special issues. Therefore, at the closing of the symposium, there will be a voting by the session chairs on eligibility of presentations for the special issues.


    TC Website

    Since 2008, all IFAC TC websites are hosted centrally. The new TC 8.2. website can be found under the address The website is regularly being updated with the scope of the TC, membership information, past and forthcoming activities, news and reports of previous meetings. Members are invited to make use of the new functionality which gives them the opportunity to set up their own sites with contact information, biography, links and pictures. Inquiries should be directed to the chairman Professor Steen Andreassen ( or Ulrike Pielmeier ( who is to date responsible for the TC website content.


    New name for the TC and the conferences

    The name of the TC8.2. has recently been changed to TC 8.2. Biological and Medical Systems. The chairman proposed to also change the name of the upcoming conferences. Hence, the next symposium should be under the name “8th IFAC symposium on Biological and Medical Systems” (BMS in short). The name change was approved by the attending TC members.


  7. Report for the preparation of the next TC Symposium in Budapest

  8. Balázs Benyó presenting the next symposiums venue, Budapest

    Dr. Balázs Benyó

    Dr. Balázs Benyó gave a detailed presentation on how the "8th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems" could be hosted in Budapest, Hungary. It was formally decided that the symposium shall be held at this venue. However, this year’s symposium “lost” a number of participants and papers to the systems identification conference three weeks earlier. Therefore, it was proposed to coordinate the time of the next symposium with the time of the next systems identification conference, by either separating the two events, or joining them if that is possible. Dr. Balázs Benyó was asked to contact the organizers of the systems identification conference. It was agreed that the decision of the time of the 8th symposium was to be postponed until the outcome of this issue.


  9. Presentation for the future Symposium by Professor J. Geoffrey Chase

  10. Prof. Geoff Chase proposed the hosting of symposium in 2015 in Canterbury, NZ.

    Prof. Geoffrey Chase 

    Professor Geoff Chase from Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand, proposed to host the 9th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems in 2015.


  11. Nominations of Chairmanships

  12. The chairman proposed to ask Professors Ewart Carson and David Dagan Feng to continue as vice chairs for the committee and to nominate Prof Geoff Chase as new vice chair, to be elected at the next TC meeting. Prof Steen Andreassen was nominated to continue as chair of the committee. These nominations were approved.


  13. Recruitment of new members

  14. To recruit new active TC members, attendees were invited to propose names during the symposium. CV’s of nominates must be forwarded to the chairman and then be sent to IFAC headquarters for official approval.


  15. Inactive members

  16. The chairman asked for approval to write to inactive TC members to inquire on their status. The letter should give those members the possibility to recommend somebody from their colleagues to become a member in their place or to officially resign from membership. The inactive members should also be invited to continue their membership by agreeing to review papers for the TC conferences, if they could not participate in any meetings. These suggestions were approved.


  17. Next meeting and any other business

  18. The next meeting of the TC8.2. will be held in Milano in 2011, during the IFAC WC. There was no other business raised and the meeting ended at 10:00 a.m.