News for Committee TC 9.4 members (IBCE15, TC9.4 meeting, ACE16 an other isues)

Message from the chair Sebastian Dormido, sent on October 21, 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are now approaching to the celebration of the IFAC Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE15) to be held next November in Brescia, and for that reason I think that it is the time to give you some news about our IFAC Control Education Committee TC 9.4.   


The IFAC Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE15) will be held in Brescia (Italy), 4-6 november 2015 ( The Chair of the National Organizing Committee is Prof Antonio Visioli and the IPC Chair is Prof Manuel Berenguel. I would like to thank the big effort and dedication from the NOC Chair and the IPC Chair as well as all the people that has been involved in the preparation of the event. This workshop is the third in a series, whose precedents are IBCE’01 (Madrid) and IBCE’04 (Grenoble), focusing on delivering control education using new information and communication technologies. 

Now IBCE15 is ready. The program includes 36 contributed papers, 6 invited session papers, 9 contributed papers to be presented in poster sessions and 3 plenary papers, all of them arranged in a single track during three days. The organizers of the workshop have selected and appointed three plenary speakers covering different areas of the conference, with the following presentations: 

1. “Facilitating the creation of virtual and remote laboratories for Engineering education  (lessons from the past ten years and plans for the next “n”)” by Professor Francisco Esquembre of University of Murcia, Spain.
2. “Education resources and teaching methodologies for the modern student and busy academic” by Professor J. Anthony Rossiter of University of Sheffield, UK.
3. “Computing systems and the network as a control education arena” by Professor Alberto Leva of Politecnico of Milan, Italy.

The complete technical programme can be seen in the following link:


During the celebration of IBCE15 we are going to celebrate a Control Education TC 9.4 meeting. I am attaching to this message a tentative agenda for the meeting. As you can see there are too many issues to talk about related with our future. I promise to send you the minutes of the meeting after the workshop.


As you know the 11th Symposium on Advances in Control Education (, that will take place in Bratislava (Slovakia), 1-3 June 2016 is now on progress.

ACE Symposium is our flagship as IFAC Control Education Committee and for that reason I would like to encourage your active participation in this event. From my point of view we have made a superb team in order to give you a very successful conference. Bozenna Pasik-Duncan as General Chair, Mikulas Huba as NOC Chair and Anthony Rossiter as IPC Chair. They are all well known and their commitment with control education for many years is a guarantee. In the next days you will probably receive some remainder from the organizers of the conference asking your collaboration. What I expect from you as a member of the EDCOM is that you promote our conference in your "influence area" and if possible to present some paper in ACE related with your work on control education. Our community is now growing and we need to show in a very clear way our vigour.  


As I say in my previous message, IFAC 9.4 TC Website has been updated. Please take a look in: In the case that you are not sending to me a personal photo from you please do it in order to update and complete the roster of members. 

We respect to the repository on control education we have made substantial progress. In the EDOM meeting that will held in Brescia during IBCE15, we will present the actual situation of the project. Our plan is to give the starting point of the repository in the next ACE Symposium in Bratislava. 


During the IFAC TB meeting held in Chicago last June during ACC15, Juan Antonio de la Puente, editor in chief of POL, presented the new structure of IFAC Paper on Line. I have the impression that most of our members unknown the real situation of the prject and the agreement reached with Elsevier. Please look at in this web site:

My personal view is from now the visibility of our research published in POL has increased a lot and I hope that in a near future it will be included in the Journal Citation Report. Of course our conference IBCE15 and ACE16 will be published following this new format. 

As you probably know, in the last IFAC World Congress held in Cape Town was decided to create a new position: "Education Liaison" in the Technical Board. Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, our previous chair, was appointed to this position (look at my December 2014 message). This is the result of a long term recognition that all Technical Committees should be connected through education. From now on all the TC in IFAC will have a person in their Committees in charge of control education aspect.

What I can say with respect to this matter is that we are working very close to Bozenna that will attend IBCE15 workshop and of course our meeting as EDCOM committee. She will speak about the new opportunities and challenges that IFAC TB Liaison to Education promotes. Other matter that we are involved is related with specific publications on Control Education. Bozenna will present the existing choices and  the future options.   


With all probability our next EDCOM meeting will take place during the celebration of our ACE Symposium in Bratislava next june 2016. I hope to see you there. Meanwhile if you have any question related with our EDCOM Committee or some ideas to promote and disseminate our Committee please don´t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hear from you. 

All the best,