Message from new chair in August 2017

Introduction to next 3 years

Dear All

Before I begin I should emphasise my thanks to Sebastian for all his hard work, not just as chair but over many years supporting the work of this committee. I hope his gradual slowing down of activities enables him to maintain good health.

Going forward I would like the committee to be a suitable combination of pragmatic and ambitious. Control education touches most members of IFAC and thus potentially has a place in many IFAC events.

Being ambitious:

  1. We should look at opportunities to run special sessions linked to control education wherever appropriate and exploit the TC reps that Bozenna worked so hard to create.
  2. There is the potential to make a case for a special issue on control education for the new IFAC Journal of Systems and Control. Any input on this would be welcome.

Begin pragmatic, we should ensure that the baseline activity is done well and well attended. I would summarise this as:

  1. Symposium in Advances in Control Education (2019, 2022, ...).
  2. Internet based control education (Currently about every 6 years so due in 2021).
  3. Broad and good quality contributions to the IFAC world congress.
  4. Co-sponsoring other IFAC events where we can ensure control education has a good impact.
  5. Supporting good projects which have an enthusiastic champion. Examples of  this include the panel sessions and schools activities that Bozenna has organised at several world congress but could equally occur at other events.
  6. Make  the control education repository effective:
Obviously all members are free to pursue these activities as individuals as well as members of EDCOM, but I would ask that when it comes to our own events and the IFAC world congress in particular, that we agree jointly which submissions to make to ensure consistency, coherency and clarity.
Looking forward to working with you,