TC 9.4. Control Education


Welcome to the IFAC TC 9.4 Control Education web pages. For recent news, minutes of meetings and announcements, please look in the news tab.

The technical committee aims to develop methodologies and tools for teaching control topics effectively at all levels and for the promotion of control, of its societal importance, and of its multidisciplinary nature.

In this period strongly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, control education indeed plays a key role and methodologies for developing distance learning, virtual and remote laboratories, and new teaching methodologies are among the main tasks of the committee.

Other relevant tasks include (but are not limited to) the collection of educational requirements from industry, the promotion of discussions related to the content of control courses, and the organization of special sessions in international conferences.

Surveys are also organized in the control community to understand the main needs and directions for the future.

The main technical  event organized by TC9.4 is the IFAC Symposium on Advances in Control Education, which is held every three years and which represents, together with the IFAC World Congress, the most important opportunity for meeting among the members of the committee. Another event organized by the TC is the IFAC Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE).

Anyone who is interested in joining TC9.4 is encouraged to make contact with the TC chair Antonio Visioli (