TC 9.5. Technology, Culture and International Stability (TECIS)

Unstable, non-viable and unsustainable systems, whether they are environmental, political, technological, social or economic systems, create serious challenges and place even humanity itself at risk. At IFAC we believe that scientists and technologists, especially control and automation systems researchers and practitioners, can contribute to making the world a more stable place for everyone. The TECIS vision is of a civilisation in which our technologies, systems and processes are in service of all humanity. This is called "human-machine symbiosis" and is a vision of the application of control and automation technologies and systems which benefit all life.


Welcome message of the new TC Chair:

Dear members of IFAC TC 9.5,

Dear members of the TC 9.5 “Fan Club”


As one of the founders of the IFAC TC “SWIIS” now TECIS, long time ago, I am now appointed as the new ( or old) TC chair for the next triennium ( 2021 – 2023). I will be supported by my Vice Chairs Marion (Hersh), Christof (Jansen ) and John ( Organ) as well as by our Honorary Chair Larry ( Stapleton ) and – i hope so – also by you.

I will try to continue with our philosophy to act at the borderlines of IFAC. new topics, new countries according to our actions in the past. Therefore i will try to include new topics in our scope like “Social and ethical aspects of Automation” like Production 4.0,………….. I am looking forward to your suggestions.

Furthermore, I will continue to organize every year between World Congresses an TC 9.5 event – according to one of our headlines “ The most active TC in IFAC”. After the very successful TECIS 2021 in Moscow (Russia) the next TC 9.5 event ( TECIS 2022 ) will take place in Pristina  (Kosovo), October, 25-27, 2022.

Thanks for your cooperation

Peter (Kopacek)



We are excited to announce TECIS 2022 International Conference, Pristina, Kosovo, October, 25th-27th, 2022

Welcome to one of the largest and most active Technical Committees in IFAC!

If your interests include Social and Cultural Aspects of Technology, Ethical Aspects of Technology, Technology and Environmental Stability, Modelling of Social and Economic Systems, Knowledge Systems, Globalization, Integral Systems, Cost Oriented Automation, Social Networks or any other aspect of control or automation system engineering which can impact on International Stability through either local or global effects then this Technical Committee is for you.

 In the science and engineering community TC 9.5 is a unique community of scientists, engineers, practitioners and people from other disciplines. What unites us is a common interest in applying advanced control and automation technologies and systems in the service of humanity. Our work encompasses problems associated with international and regional instability, international development, cultural and ethical factors and human conflict. Our TC challenges engineers and scientists to envision solutions which will improve living conditions for all peoples in all aspects of life. We focus upon marginalized communities and examine ways in which control and automation technologies and systems can improve well-being of the human species. Consequently, our work also includes engineering ethics and exploration of cultural values, including the values of technologists themselves.

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