message from chair January 2018



Dear TC 9.4 members,


Happy new year to all of you.


I thought it timely to give an update on activities as far as I know them. First welcome again to the TC vice-chairs and thanks to them for offering to take on these roles.


1)      Mikulas Huba VC for publication


2)      Katherina Zakova VC for social media


3)      Atanas Serbezov VC for Industry


4)      Antonio Visioli VC for education


If anyone has any important or interesting news we could put on the EDCOM webpage ( please do let me know. Also do let me know of any agenda items needed for our next meeting.


We are hoping to have an EDCOM committee meeting at the PID event (  in Ghent in May as many of our members will be there. One core item for the agenda is the possibility for a workshop on internet based control in 2021. Also, there will be special sessions with an education theme and a panel session – still time to send submissions!


The control 2018 conference in Sheffield, September 2018 will also have several education sessions and a panel session on the control curriculum;  you are all welcome to come.


We have had feedback from IFAC that the proposal for a new education prize was well received in principle and some further discussions are now taking place concerning this and indeed IFAC prize structures as a whole.


Bozenna is making progress with the organisation of ACE 2019 in the USA (targeting around July 8)  and will give some announcements soon.


Some discussions at CDC in Melbourne have highlighted the timeliness of some discussions on what should constitute a core control curriculum and how should we as a community provide resources for that? I hope to initiate some discussion on this in the Ghent and Sheffield events with a view to us as a committee then creating a position paper or similar for the next world congress and possibly the new IFAC journal. The current IFAC chair is also interested in the community taking this theme forward.




Anthony Rossiter