Working Group "Industrial Application of Advanced FDI/FTC Technology"

This working group aims at promoting the usage of FDI/FTC in industrial applications.


Christophe Aubrun (F)
Hasan Esen (D)
Roozbeh Izadi-Zamanabadi (DK)
Torsten Jeinsch (D)
Cartsen Skov Kallesøe (DK) 
Bao Lin (USA)
Hassan Noura (UAE)
Peter Fogh Odgaard (DK), WG Chair

Thomas Parisini (UK)
Vicenç Puig (ES)
Ansgar Rehm (D)
Fabiano Daher Adegas (D)
Jakob Stoustrup (USA)
Ping Zhang (D)
Mogens Blanke (DK)
Philippe Goupil (F)
Mattias Nyberg (S)



This working group aims at promoting the usage of FDI/FTC in industrial applications. This general objective can be divided into the following more details ones:

Provide overview on challenges and successes of industrial FDI/FTC applications

Provide a meeting point for academia, end users, suppliers and service providers interested in advanced FDI/FTC technology

Provide a platform for exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices

Promote cross-discussion on FDI/FTC among different industrial sectors

Promote partnership between the academia and the industry

Promote exchange of students, PhDs and researchers

Contribute to the sustainable development of FDI/FTC theory

Contribute to explore the potential of and requirements to new FDI/FTC technology

The topics of interest for this WG are the following:

Applications of advanced FDI/FTC in different industrial sectors

R&D activities regarding the industrialization of FDI/FTC technology

Development of tools and concepts for design, validation and maintenance of FDI/FTC systems

Methods, concepts and performance assessment for replacing simple FDI/FTC in industrial applications with advanced ones



Face-to-face meeting during IFAC World Conference and

IFAC Saferpocess



Benchmark 1: DAMADICS


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Benchmark 2:  Tennessee Eastman (TE) Process


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Benchmark 3:  Stirred Tank Heater


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model with applications, Journal of Process Control, Vol. 18, pp. 347–360, 2008.



Benchmark 4:  Wind Turbines

First Wind Turbine FDI/FTC Benchmark model:


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Advanced Wind Turbine FDI/FTC Benchmark model:


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Wind Farm FDI/FTC Benchmark model:

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  • Bibliography Database relevant to the WG in CiteULike