The IFAC Technical Committee TC 6.2. on Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing promotes research and development related to all aspects of process systems engineering applicable to the mining, minerals and metal industries.

This includes, for example, process modelling, system identification, state estimation, control and optimization, soft sensing, remote sensing, process monitoring, equipment condition monitoring and structural health monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis, supervisory control, data mining, data visualisation, instrumentation, measurement technology, robotics and mechatronics, production planning, distribution and logistics in the fields of mining, minerals and metal processing.

Increasingly, it also focuses digital technologies, such as cloud-based computing, big data and associated data analytics, artificial intelligence more broadly, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Systems of interest include laboratory processes, pilot and full-scale operations in the mining, mineral and metal industries associated with ferrous & non-ferrous metals and minerals, covering the entire value chain from ore extraction through to metal production, as well as haulage, transport, metal recycling, waste treatment, and energy and environmental issues associated with the MMM industries.