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Welcome message from the TC chair

Our Technical Committee (TC) works in the field of Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing. We believe that automation, control, and measurement systems are enabling technologies and vital drivers of progress in these industrial fields. Our mission is thus to promote, improve, develop, and apply these key technologies in the MMM industry. We solve practical problems, answer academic research questions, provide best practice solutions, disseminate new ideas, and share our knowledge. If you are also interested in these fields, you are very welcome to join our TC, to contribute to our activities, and to benefit from what we do. Join us, no matter whether your are from academia or industry, no matter whether you are a supplier, a developer, a specialist, an executive, an operator, or just somebody who is interested.

Contact Information:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Andreas Kugi
Automation and Control Institute (ACIN)
Vienna University of Technology
Email: kugi(at)


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