TC 6.4. Fault Detection,Supervision&Safety of Techn.Processes-SAFEPROCESS

Bibliography Database

The TC has established an extensive bibliography database containing a vast number of references within the scientific scope of TC 6.4. The database has initially been implemented in the CiteULike platform (migration to another platform can be considered in the future as the TC might decide). Below, you can find a link to the online CiteULike database, as well as a static snapshot in BibTeX format. All TC members and members of the Safeprocess community in a wider sense are welcome to add any number of entries in the database that are (strictly) within the scope of TC Safeprocess.

Working Groups

TC Safeprocess is priviliged by a large number of very active members. In a dynamic fashion, TC Safeprocess establishes working groups in areas of current extraordinarily high activity. In this page you will find links to the current working groups.