TC 6.3. Power and Energy Systems

Welcome Message from the Chair - Yrjö Majanne

Power system today is faced with some fundamental challenges. With ever increasing consumption worldwide, especially in emerging countries, and with it the energy price and the depletion of resources, power systems are steadily moving toward smaller, decentralized generation units. At the same time the system is becoming more and more intelligent, allowing greater efficiency and better utilization of existing resources and assets. Wide-scale implementation of modern control methods is the key element in this process, so much so that this will, in all likelihood, be the all-pervasive feature of tomorrow’s power systems.

With power system undergoing major transformation, there is obviously a lot to accomplish for us. If you are a researcher and your interests include power system control, smart grids, alternative/renewable power generation, then the Technical Committee 6.3 is the right place for you. You will learn more from colleagues and you yourself will get the chance to provide a contribution towards building our power system of the future, to make it more efficient and smart.

TC 6.3 is assisted by 4 vice-chairs and a secretary and 4 working groups (WG):

Vice-chair, Industry: Tobias Weissbach

Vice-chair, Social Media: Jose Rueda Torres

Vice-chair, Publication: Igor Yadykin

Vice-chair, Education: Samuele Grillo

Secretary: Hiroyuki Mori


The Technical Committee (TC) is organized in 4 Working Groups dealing with the following areas:


Smart Grids (co-chair Kwang Y. Lee):

Integration of new „smart“ technologies and concepts into power and energy systems to improve efficiency, reliability and overall performance.


Power Systems (co-chair Harald W. Weber):

Planning, operation and control of transmission systems; energy market integration; expansion and operation of large power systems; distributed generation, distribution systems, local distribution systems; energy efficiency and demand side management; micro-grids, etc.


Power Generation (co-chair Damien Flynn):

Energy conversion systems, control of energy efficiency and performance optimization, energy development and planning, conventional power plants, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy resources such as hydro plants, wind farm, photovoltaic plants, solar power plants, etc.


Power Electronics (co-chair Peter Fogh Odgaard):

Power electronics for interface or control in energy conversion and/or power systems, FACTS, HVDC, etc.