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Welcome Message from the Chair

Welcome message from the chair

Welcome to the official web-page of the IFAC Technical Committee on Chemical Process Control (6.1).

TC 6.1 focuses on modeling and control of chemical and biological processes. To know more, see the "Scope" tab to the left.

Beyond participating in the review process of the process control area for the IFAC World Congress, we organize a triennial IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Process (ADCHEM) roughly a year after the IFAC Congress and another triennial IFAC Symposium on Dynamic and Control of Process Systems (DYCOPS) roughly a year before the IFAC Congress.  The ADCHEM 2015 will be held in Whistler, Canada. ADCHEM brings together researchers and practitioners to discuss recent developments in the control of chemical, biochemical, and related process systems. Both theory and applications will be covered on such topics as: Batch Process Modeling and Control; Model-based Control; Modeling and Identification; Optimization and Scheduling; Process and Control Monitoring; Process Applications. Our membership list of more than 60 people, along with some basic information regarding individual members, can be found under the 'Members' tab to the left.

Jay H. Lee

TC 6.1 Chair


Dr Akira Sano
Prof Tatsuo Togawa
Dr Hidehiro Iida
Dr Iwao Kanno
Prof Eiko Furutani
Prof Zeungnam Bien
Dr Hee Chan Kim
Prof. Sang Chul Won
Dr Fabián Garcia Nocetti
Prof Adriaan Lammertsma
Prof Peter A. Wieringa
Prof Dr Zoltán Benyó
Prof. Balázs Benyó
Dr Bela Szucs
Prof Claudio Cobelli
Prof Antonio Pedotti
Prof Mario Stefanelli
Dr Giovanni Pacini
Prof Per Hagander
Dr. Jan Sternby