The Technical Committee (TC) addresses all aspects of modeling, operation, control, and planning of power plants and power systems, including dynamic interactions between power plants and power systems, constraint and security control aspects, tools and methods for control system design and optimization, test and documentation, real-time simulation and dispatching. To guaranty robust, secure and optimum operation of future power systems, development and application of tools and methods such as modern control theory, computational intelligence techniques, and modeling of uncertainties are also important aspects addressed by the TC.

The TC also deals with technical impact of deregulation and distributed generation on power system monitoring, analysis, operation and control. The renewable energy portfolio in modern power systems is set to increase steadily. The TC sets itself the task of staying abreast of the impact of this development on core operational, control, and optimization tasks.  Optimal control and management of small and large decentralized units based on renewable resources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass, the concepts of smart grid, virtual power plant, and cyber physical energy systems are also emerging fields of activity of the TC.