Joint IFAC/IEEE CSS webinar series

The main objectives of the webinar series are to bring forward IFAC values on open science in automatic control, to reach nonlinear control researchers and practitioners in all parts of the world and to promote the latest research activities in the field of nonlinear control systems worldwide. The invited speakers will present their works based on the latest pre-print in journals that has not been presented in conferences. The next speaker is Anders Rantzer on the 15th of June. See below for more information.


The next webinar in this series will be given by Prof. Anders Rantzer, Professor at Department of Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden.

Date: 5:00 am Central Europe Time / 8:00 am Pacific Time] on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. 


Live streaming on youtube: 

The recorded session will be made available in the IFAC youtube channel:

Title: Nonlinear Optimal Control for Large-scale and Adaptive Systems

Abstract: Classical control theory does not scale well for large systems like traffic networks, power networks and chemical reaction networks. To change this situation, new approaches need to be developed, not only for analysis and synthesis of controllers, but also for modelling and verification. In this lecture we will present some classes of networked control problems for which scalable distributed controllers can be synthesized using optimal control and dynamic games. Moreover, we will discuss how the lack of accurate models can be addressed using new methods for minimax adaptive control with provable robustness bounds for the closed loop system, including the nonlinear learning procedure.

The webinar is organized by Claudia Califano (vice-chair education of IFAC TC 2.3), Bayu Jayawardhana (vice-chair publication of IFAC TC 2.3), Christophe Prieur (chair of IFAC TC 2.3 Non-linear Control Systems) and Andrea Serrani (chair of IEEE TC Nonlinear Systems and Control).

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