TC 2.2. Linear Control Systems

Welcome Message from the Chair

This Technical Committee focuses on the understanding phenomena and studying processes behavioursin which linearity plays a fundamental role.

It fosters the development of tools, methods and approaches for the analysis and synthesis of dynamical systems described by linear differential and/or difference equations in finite-dimensional and/or abstract spaces, including finite-dimensional time-invariant and time-variant systems, linear parameter-varying systems, infinite-dimensional systems, descriptor and singular systems, n-dimensional systems, time-delay systems, functional systems, positive systems, fractional systems, complex systems and variable structure systems. 

It promotes investigation of the structural properties of systems which are related to linearity and the use of a control theoretic point of view in the solution of modeling, monitoring, computing and control problems in complex systems emerging fields of systems, such as System of Systems, engineering and related applied fields.

The main activity sponsored by this TC is the IFAC Symposium on System Structure and Control (SSC). The TC is also the main sponsor for the series of Workshops on Time Delay Systems (TDS) and Workshops on Linear Parameter Varying Systems (LPVS).