TC 2.3. Non-Linear Control Systems



Welcome Message from the Chair

Welcome to the official TC2.3 website. TC2.3 is the IFAC Technical Committee on Non-linear Control Systems.

Non-linear control systems have gained importance in many industrial areas and research has undergone significant developments recently. There are significant challenges in various fields of nonlinear control. The broad non-linear control community address these challenges with its focus on latest developments in theory and applications as well as related areas of research and engineering.


The main activity sponsored by this TC is the IFAC NOLCOS Symposium. The IFAC NOLCOS symposium is a continuing series of symposia that were previously held in Capri (I) 1988, Bordeaux (F) 1992, Lake Tahoe (USA) 1995, Enschede (NL) 1998, Saint-Petersburg (RUS) 2001, Stuttgart (DE) 2004, Pretoria (ZA) 2007, Bologna (IT) 2010, Toulouse (F) 2013, Monterey (USA) 2016, Vienna (AT) 2019 , and Canberra (AU) 2022. The next IFAC NOLCOS symposium is being planned to be organized in Reykjavik (IS) in 2025.


Acknowledged as the major international gathering of leading experts in industry and academia in the field of nonlinear control, NOLCOS aims at strengthening contacts between academia and industry to build up new networks and cultivate existing relations. High-level speakers will present the global spectrum of nonlinear control systems, state-of-the-art applications and developing directions.  


Other series of events are sponsored by this TC as MICNON, ACNDC, LHMNCS, and TFMST. See the left menu for the list of sponsored and co-sponsored conferences. Left menu contains also the members list and all documents related to the TC activities (in particular on the TC meetings). 


Hiroshi Ito

TC Chair of the IFAC Technical Committee 2.3 “Nonlinear Control Systems”