Period of reference 2021-2022
IFAC Joint Conference (8th SSSC, 17th TDS, 5th LPVS), Montréal, Canada, September 27-30, 2022

The 8th IFAC Symposium on System Structure and Control (SSSC 2022), 17th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems (TDS 2022) and 5th IFAC Workshop on Linear Parameter Varying Systems (LPVS 2022) will be held jointly in Montréal, Canada from September 27 to 30, 2022. The aim of this joint event is to gather academics and professionals with a special interest on system structure, control, linear and nonlinear system theory, and to offer them a forum where to discuss current research developments and open problems as well as to establish scientific networks with a focus on the mathematical structure of systems as well as on the limits it imposes on control systems design and performance. Starting with 2013, the Symposium on System Structure and Control (SSSC) and the Workshop on Time Delay Systems (TDS) take place in the framework of "joint IFAC Conferences". The novelty of this joint event is to include also the Workshop on Linear Parameter Varying Systems (LPVS). The present joint conference aims to achieve the same high quality standard of IFAC. The conference is structured across multiple tracks, each of them incorporating several special or regular sessions, poster sessions and industry presentations and demonstrations.

1st Workshop on Control of Complex Systems, Bologna, Italy, November 24-25, 2022

COSY 2022 aims to be the first of a series of IFAC Workshops on Control of Complex Systems organized with the main sponsorship of IFAC Technical Committee 2.2 “Linear Control Systems” and focused on the topics of the Working Group on “Control of Complex Systems” (CoSy). The workshop will gather academics and professionals from the control community who share the interest for complex systems. The workshop’s aim is offering them a forum where to discuss current research developments, open problems, emerging structural properties and methodologies on the control of complex systems.

4th IFAC Workshop on Linear Parameter-Varying Systems, Milan, Italy, July 19-20, 2021

LPVS’21 is a workshop aiming at presenting new results in the field of LPV systems and their applications in real life problems, by bringing together experts from different countries to discuss new trends, exchange new ideas, establish fruitful contacts, and promote interactions among the various fields of interest. The presentation of papers dealing with the application of the LPV models as well as LPV control strategies to practical setups and industry-issued papers are also strongly encouraged.