TC 9-5 TECIS Meeting October 2016 - Working Agenda

This document sets out the agenda for the TECIS meeting scheduled for Friday 28th October 2016 preapred by Dr. Larry Stapleton, TC Chair

1. Welcome and Opening of Meeting

                                 i.            Formal Welcome & special welcome to new members and new member countries

                               ii.            Agenda review and agree minutes of last meeting into the record


2. Review of TECIS 2015 Event: key outcomes (see below) and Thanks to Bulgarian NMO


3. Review of TECIS 2016 Event: Thanks to Kosovan and Austrian NMOs


4. Review of expression of interest for next TECIS Event: Review of expression of interest for Workshop from Bulgarian NMO for 2018 and any others presented to the meeting


5. Technical Committee, CC and Technical Board Updates: Address from CC 9 Chair Professor Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue


b. Plans for IFAC World Congress TC 9-5 Sessions in France 2017

·         World Peace and International Stability Special Session

·         Cost Oriented Automation Special Session

·         Others?


c. Working Group and Young Member Form Updates

i.                     Cost Oriented Automation (COA)  - Prof Peter Kopacek

ii.                   Ethics WG – Dr. Marion Hersh

iii.                  End of Life Management  - Dr Berndt Kopacek and Prof Peter Kopacek

iv.                 Non-Technical Aspects of ICT and Automation - Bogdan Lewoc

v.                   Young Members Forum Updates – Amy Stapleton and Nathalia Kobza


6. TC 9-5 promoted events for 2015/16/17 – Updates and Planning


7. TC9-5 Special International Journal Issue Updates, Announcements and Planning


9. IFAC Applicability and Relevance  to International Stability:

At the last TC 9-5 Meeting was a strong sense (even frustration) that IFAC is not as relevant and engaged as it needs to be on this front. TC 9-5 is uniquely placed to provide leadership in this area. Following a series of evening meetings hosted by the Bulgarian NMO at Sofia University in Sozopol a formal proposal was accepted to explore how IFAC activity can be better aligned and engaged with particular challenges facing humanity under the heading “Peaceful Coexistence and Sustainability”. Updates on action items arising are on the TC 9-5 Agenda for Durres as follows:


1.        “Approach international communities” (WPC , AIS, others)

2.       “Establish the basis for a series of special session, beginning at TECIS 2016

3.       “Special Session TECIS 2016”  - Reflection Sessions and Panel for TECIS 2016


The draft agenda will include engagement and actions rising from development outlined above, specifically:

1.       Determination of use of Panel Session Outputs

2.       TC 9-5 Green Paper provisionally entitled “Striving for Global Stability - Establishing a New IFAC Agenda”


10. Call for Nominations for TC Chair and Vice-Chairs (to be appointed at next TC meeting in France)