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Issue #2, July 2007



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In this issue:

[1] From the Chair: TC Chair Election Process started

[2] IFAC World Congress

[3] IFAC HMS: Early registration deadline extended

[4] IFAC Toulouse Meeting

[5] Forthcoming events

[6] Editorials


From the Chair: TC Chair Election Process started

Following the new rules on IFAC positions, we announce the start of the election process for the chairman of the TC 4.5. I have served in this position for already two triennials, and as vice chair for another one. However, according to the IFAC’s rules, any such position should not be held for longer than two triennials. Therefore, we have to find a new chairperson to be elected during our TC 4.5 meeting in Seoul.

According to the new election process, each member of our TC 4.5 may propose a candidate for the chairman’s position. I therefore ask you to nominate persons willing to take over this responsibility in 2008. Please note that the hard deadline for nominations is July 31st! Afterwards, I will ask all candidates on the nomination list whether they accept the nomination, or not.

The TC 4.5’s internal election will then take place during our annual meeting in Seoul, in September 2007. The elected candidate will then be proposed to the IFAC Technical Board; the approval will be given by end of 2007. The elected and approved candidate will then take over the chairmanship during the IFAC World Congress in Seoul, 2008.


Please send me your nominations by email (to until July 31st!


Comment from the chairman:

A successful candidate is expected to have become an experienced member of the respective committee over many years. He should have participated and contributed to the committee’s symposia several times. Based on my experiences from the last eight years, it is desirable to establish a close link with the organizers of the next HMS symposium; of course, so we did when we elected Prof. Wan Chul Yoon from Korea as co-chair for this triennium. Unfortunately, Prof. Wan Chul Yoon was not able to take over the chairmanship due to his other activities. Therefore, I talked with the next organizer of the HMS-symposium, which is planned to be held in Valenciennes/France in 2010. Prof. Patrick Millot agreed to be nominated as chairman for the TC 4.5. He has lots of experience in our committee and meets all requirements. Therefore I am going to support his candidature.


Detlef Zuehlke

Chair IFAC TC 4.5 (HMS)


IFAC World Congress

The IFAC World Congress is a triennial event for keeping up with worldwide developments in the theory and application of automatic control. The 17th congress will take place in Seoul/Korea from July 6th till July 11th, 2008. It is expected to draw a great number of participants and contributions, spanning topics such as Manufacturing Systems, Bio and Ecological Systems, Design Methods, Social Systems, and many more. The submission site is already open, and all papers and session proposals must be handed in until September 8th, 2007! Moreover, in IFAC’s 50-year history, this congress will be the first to post all accepted papers in its new electronic publications web site at These papers will be searchable, citable, and individually downloadable without incurring costs to the readers, providing archival-quality recognition.


IFAC HMS: Early registration deadline extended

The IFAC’s Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine-Systems is approaching, and so is its registration deadline, which has already been postponed to July 20th.The objective of this symposium is to exchange ideas and further understanding in the areas of Human-Machine Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems and Decision Support Systems. The symposium will especially highlight the paradigm shifts in research and practice we witness in these areas due to the recent advance of communication and information technologies. Please decide about your participation quickly!

There will be four plenary talks by prominent colleagues of ours in the symposium.

(1) Gunnar Johannsen (University of Kassel, Germany):
        "25 Years of Human-Machine Systems in IFAC"

(2) Toshiyuki Inagaki (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
     "Smart Collaborations Between Humans and Machines Based on Mutual Understanding"

(3) Erik Hollnagel (Ecole des Mines de Paris – Poles Cindyniques, France)
     "The New Mission of HMS: From Overcoming Limitations to Securing Safety"

(4) Detlef Zuhlke (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
     "Model-based Development of User Interfaces ―a new paradigm in useware engineering"

IFAC Toulouse meeting

The IFAC’s annual board meeting took place in Toulouse in late June, with Prof. Zuehlke representing the Technical Committee 4.5. In Toulouse, the IFAC’s election policy was explained in depth, and all chairmen were asked to start the election procedure in their respective TC´s.

Furthermore, the Seoul World Congress IPC held its second meeting in Toulouse. The paper submission site is now open, appointing the deadline for papers to be September 1st, 2007. Each committee is encouraged to propose at least two sessions for Seoul!


Forthcoming events

  • 10th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems, September 4 – 6, 2007, Seoul/Korea
    accommodating the Workshop on Model-Driven User-Centric Design & Engineering of HMS


Daniel Goerlich (

IFAC TC 4.5 (HMS) Editorial



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