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Issue #2, August 2006


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In this issue:

[1] From the Chair: IFAC Symposium & TC 4.5 Annual Meetings.

[2] Call for Papers: 10th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium.

[3] Forthcoming events.

[4] Editorials.


From the Chair: IFAC Symposium & TC 4.5 Annual Meetings

During the 9th IFAC Symposium on “Automated Systems Based on Human Skill and Knowledge” in Nancy, the TC 4.5 held its annual meeting.

Prof. Zuehlke expressed his welcome to the attending members and guests. As a first topic he informed about the upcoming10th IFAC IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium “Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems” which will take place from September 04 – 06, 2007, in Seoul/Korea. To have a significant amount of participants, everyone is encouraged to sponsor this central event within his community. Due to various reasons the past 2 events were facing decreasing numbers of participants. As IFAC requires a minimum attendance of app. 120 for an IFAC symposium, we have to bring the numbers up again. The best prerequisite for this is the support of an active community.

All members are kindly asked to support this event by papers, proposals of workshops etc. The participants at Nancy identified the following topics for activities:

-          ubiquitous computing and its influences on future industrial systems,

-          abstract modelling of human-machine-systems,

-          identifying levels of automation (based on abstract system models),

-          game design – there was a controversial discussion on this point, we can learn from this field, but it should not be a new work item, should it??

Prof. Zuehlke informed about the IFAC’s 50th anniversary which will be celebrated on September 15, 2006, in Heidelberg/Germany. Surrounding this event, there is an IFAC mechatronics symposium and the meeting of the IFAC technical board. The next TC 4.5 meeting will be held during the next symposium in Seoul/Korea in 2007.


Detlef Zuehlke

Chair IFAC TC 4.5 (HMS)

Call for Papers: 10th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium

The 10th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human- Machine Systems will be held in Seoul, Korea, on September 4 – 6, 2007, being hosted by the Ergonomic Society of Korea. The International Program Committee invites you to submit a proposal and join us in this prestigious international event for scholars and experts. The symposium will continue the success of the previous meetings, which were held in Cambridge, Mass. (US), Kyoto (JP), Kassel (DE), and Atlanta (US). The objective of this symposium is to exchange ideas and further understanding in the areas of Human-Machine Systems, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, and Decision Support Systems. The symposium will especially highlight the paradigm shifts in research and practice we witness in these areas due to the recent advance of communication and information technologies.


Symposium Web Site:



Forthcoming events

  • 10th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human- Machine Systems
    September 4 – 6, 2007, Seoul/Korea


Daniel Goerlich (

IFAC TC 4.5 (HMS) Editorial



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