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Welcome Message from the Chair

If you are a researcher or practitioner with an interest in Analysis, Design, Modeling, Control and Performance Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems in general and design and analysis of complex technical, engineering, biomedical, or social systems with tight coupling, synergy, interaction, or integration with humans, in particular, you are welcome to join this Technical Committee (TC)!

The primary goal of this TC is to exchange ideas and the latest research progresses/findings/discoveries in the diverse areas of Human Factors, Human Performance, Human-Machine Systems, Human-Machine Symbiosis, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-Automation Interaction, Human-Systems Integration, Human-Machine Hybrid Intelligence, Brain-Machine Interaction, Brain-Computer Interfacing, Neuroergonomics, Cognitive Psychology, Engineering/Technical Psychology, Cognitive Neuroengineering and Neurotechnology, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, and Decision-Support Systems. On the other hand, new applications of the advanced industrial, information and communication, and intelligent technologies to the design, analysis and evaluation of human-machine systems in a wide range of application domains are also a major research concentration in this field.

Some theoretical and practical concepts used in this field, such as resilience engineering, situational awareness, human-automation symbiosis, interaction or cooperation, human reliability or stability, are in fact shared with other scientific communities, including Computer Science, Ergonomics or Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, and social sciences. For this reason, the cross-disciplinary exchange and discussion of research ideas and results makes the impact of the scientific events and activities organized by the IFAC TC 4.5 more significant, productive and far-reaching.

All the theoretical and practical contributions to various research topics in the field of Human-Machine Systems are presented on the successful and prominent triennial IFAC Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems, which has a continuous and brilliant history of over three decades. The 15th IFAC symposium on HMS will be held in San Jose, California, in 2022.

This TC Chair team will work together and try our utmost to attract academics, researchers and practitioners from all over the world to join the Human-Machine Systems community as well as to further strengthen and invigorate fruitful scientific discussion, exchange and cooperation among researchers in this increasingly important field of a marked cross-disciplinary nature. On behalf of this TC team, I sincerely welcome you to join our community, participate in our future academic events and activities (in particular the TC-sponsored symposia) by contributing and sharing your valuable research expertise and experience in this exciting field, which has become increasingly important when coping with more and more complex systems in this information-intensive age.

At last, but not at least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the past TC Chair and Co-Chairs for their outstanding contribution to the success of the scientific events and activities sponsored by this TC. Their further suggestions and advice would be highly appreciated. 

Prof Jianhua Zhang

Chair of IFAC TC 4.5 on Human-Machine Systems

Oslo Metropolitan University