Open Invited Session on CPS organized for the Chinese Control Conference 2020

Open Invited Session - Control and Optimization for Cyber Physical Systems @ CCC 2020 opens for submission till Mar. 1, 2020

The open invited session on Control and Optimization for Cyber Physical Systems at the 2020 Chinese Control Conference is now open for submission. The conference submission site is open. The current submission deadline is Mar. 1, 2020 with potential extension. Members of this TC are welcome to submit to this session. 


Call for Paper

CCC'2020 Invited Session Proposal

Title: Optimization and Control for Cyber Physical Systems

Organizers: Qing-Shan Jia

CFINS, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China


More and more systems in modern society have become cyber physical systems (CPS’s) in which information, physical, and control interact with each other. Examples include but are not limited to the smart manufacturing system, the intelligent transportation system, the smart building, and the smart grid. Just to name a few. The optimization and control of a CPS usually face the challenges such as the big amount of data collecting from the sensors, the networked structure, the curse of dimensionality in which the state space and the decision space increases exponentially fast with respect to (w.r.t.) the scale of the system, the curse of modeling in which the system model is not perfectly known, the randomness, and the safety constraints which describe forbidden states, temporal logics, etc.


In this session, we plan to review the state of art in the optimization and control for cyber physical systems, and invite active researchers in the field to discuss the research progress as well as future directions.


We invite both regular paper and position paper. The position paper will not be included in IEEE Xplorer and does not cause any copyright conflict with future submissions.


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