Main Goals


The aim in our TC 9.2. is to stimulate research and education on the topic of Systems and Control for Societal Impact:

by encouraging (fundamental, technical, applied) Systems and Control approaches, including their new foreseen combinations with Learning, Optimization, Communication (5G), Human and Social Sciences, and with combined investigation on (potential, post-deployment, and by pre-design) human and social impact of systems and control,

in order to design new developments towards:

  1. Maximizing positive impacts regarding the wellbeing of the society (Healthcare and Biomedical, Mobility and Cities, Energy and Climate, Industrial Systems,  …) around the world by carefully taking into account diversity, security, sustainability, …
  2. Minimizing negative impacts on human and his environment by ensuring ethical values.

… in particular in domains not yet (or not enough) studied in our community (e.g. Social Networks, Emotional robotics, …)

The main event founded and sponsored by the TC9.2, now jointly with the TC9.1, is the CPHS Workshop, which is held every two years and which represents, together with the IFAC World Congress, the most important opportunity for exchanging between the members of the committee. 

If you wish to contact us, we will be very happy. Then, please send an email to the Chair Mariana Netto email:

Thank you in advance for your interest in the IFAC TC9.2.!