Newsletter Spring 2012

Dear all,


Do not expect a fancy newsletter but after about 9 months since the World Conference in Milano, it is time for a short update!


1. Website


Given the web space made available by IFAC for the homepages of the different TC’s and in order to reduce Marie-Noëlle Pons’ work load a bit, it was decided to move the homepage of our TC to the IFAC website:


As you will see, it is still under construction but the main information is already copied and the updated membership list is available (click on the member’s name to see the corresponding profile)! If you spot mistakes in your name or affiliation, or if you want to change (or add) your photo: do not hesitate to provide me with the correct info.

This being said, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Marie-Noëlle for managing the homepage so well for such a long period! Mille fois merci!


2. ADCHEM 2012


I will not be attending myself and, unfortunately, also my vice-chairs Jaime Moreno and Marie-Noëlle Pons will not be there. If there is enough interest (read: enough TC 8.4 participants to ADCHEM) I could try to organize a teleconference meeting through Skype if this can be arranged by the congress organizers. Could you please let me know whether you will be attending and whether you would be interested in such a meeting.


3. Scope of our TC


As you will see on the website, our scope has not changed … for a long time. With an increasing focus on systems biology, there are ongoing discussions how to integrate/add/merge this theme (and, e.g., also synthetic biology) into IFAC and its CC (Bio- and Ecological Systems) or TCs. To maximize the efficiency of such a debate, I did not pole for the opinion of all TC members yet. When we have converged to a limited number of distinctive alternatives I will ask for your opinion. To be continued …


4. Upcoming events


  • FOSBE (Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering) 2012:October 21-25, 2012, Tsuruoka (north-west Japan)

  • 13th IFAC, IFORS, IMACS, IFIP Symposium Large Scale Complex Systems: Theory and Applications:
         July  7-10, 2013, Shanghai (China)
         [no website yet]
  • NOLCOS 2013: Sept 4-6, 2013, Toulouse, France

  •  Agricontrol 2013:  December 6-8, Helsinki (Finland)
          [;  scroll down for English part]
  •  CAB 2013: December 16-18, 2013, Mumbai (India)
          [no website yet]
  •  DYCOPS 2013: December 18-20, 2013, Mumbai (India)
          [no website yet]



A list of all IFAC related events can be found at


For now I wish you an ‘efficient’ end of the academic year and some well deserved holiday period afterwards!