The use of automatic control and associated technologies for improving the efficiency of transportation systems is an essential part of any modern continuously evolving society. The focus of the TC7.4 is related with the area of transportation systems. The long scope of the TC7.4. addresses ground transportation systems(road and guided transport) and air traffic control systems for both passengers and transported goods with regard to modeling, simulation, surveillance, automatic control, optimization, real-time operations, information processing, and decision support. Control applications and automation for efficient freight and passenger transportation where optimization and advanced technologies play major roles are intensively consulted.

Common aspects and generic techniques for all transportation modes (road, rail, air, maritime, and intermodal), e.g. in the areas of system engineering, human-machine interface, human factors, navigation, logistics, safety, simulation, surveillance, control, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are also addressed. Specific topics and areas include but not limited to:

  • Modelling and control of road traffic networks

  • Monitoring of transport systems

  • Design, control and monitoring of autonomous transportation systems

  • Scheduling and optimization of transportation systems

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Autonomous mobility

  • Unmanned traffic management systems

  • Artificial intelligence in transportation

  • Formal methods in transportation

  • Automotive control

  • Rail transportation modelling and control systems

  • Urban mobility systems

  • Planning and management of ports and terminals

  • Planning and control problems in freight transportation networks

  • Maritime transportation planning and control

  • Control and scheduling of air transportation

  • Control of connected and automated vehicles

  • Sensor technologies for control in transportation

  • Technologies for control in transportation

  • Cooperative logistics

  • Planning and management of public transportation

  • Safety and security in transportation systems

  • Human factors in traffic and transportation control

  • Multimodal transport modelling, monitoring and control

  • Simulation tools and commercial software

  • Energy control in transportation