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The IFAC TC7.4 Committee nominated and approved the following vice chairs of TC7.4 for the triennium 2018-2020:

  • Neila Bhouri will act as Vice-chair Industry
  • Silvia Siri will act as Vice-chair Social Media
  • Tankut Acarman will act as Vice-chair Education
  • Todor Stoilov as Vice-chair Publications

The 15th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems (CTS 2018) will be held on June 6-8, 2018, in Savona Campus, a branch of the University of Genova, Italy.


The IFAC CTS steering committee has selected Haifa, Israel as the venue for the IFAC CTS workshop in 2019 with Jack Haddad as organizer, and Lille, France as the venue for the next IFAC CTS symposium in 2021 with Mohamed Ghazel as organizer.