IFAC TC Award on System Identification

The IFAC TC Award on System Identification is bestowed every three years to recognize the outstanding contribution of a publication (journal paper or book chapter or scientific monograph) in the area of system identification that has appeared in the six calendar years prior to the award year. The main goal of the prize is to recognize and promote high quality research. The extended period of six years reflects the fact that the value of fundamental work cannot always be immediately assessed. The winner may be invited to deliver a plenary presentation at the IFAC Symposium on System Identification.

Call for nominations

Nomination procedure

Nominations are due by February 2nd 2024. Contributions published (also on-line) after August 31st, 2017 are eligible. Any person can serve as a nominator with the exception of members of the selection committee. Self-nominations are not allowed. The nomination package should consist of

  • A nomination letter, which describes the strength of the contribution and
    its impact in the field of System Identification.

  • The names of 3 potential referees (it is expected that the 3 referees are
    aware that their name has been indicated and are willing to provide a
    reference letter if so requested).

  • Proposed citation of at most 30 words.

Nominations should

  • be sent via email to both the current TC chair (Prof. Guillaume Mercere, guillaume.mercere@univ-poitiers.fr) and the TC co chair (Prof. Alessandro Chiuso, chiuso@dei.unipd.it)

  • the subject of the message should report the sentence: IFAC TC1.1 Award 2024 nomination

Selection criteria

The prize recognizes outstanding contributions relevant to the progress of system identification. The selection is based primarily on the work's scientific quality, originality and significance for the advancement of the field. Clarity and excellence of the exposition and the value of the work in practical applications may be considered as additional attributes.

Selection process

At least 4 months before the award is given, a TC Award Selection Committee consisting of at least three members is nominated by the TC Chair, and approved by the TC through an (email) vote. The TC Award Selection Committee should not include the current TC Chair and Vice-Chairs, and should contain well established persons in the domain of the TC. The decision on awarding a TC Award is made by the TC Award Selection Committee.

Based on a call for nominations, published by the TC, nominations for the Award will be collected by the TC Award Selection Committee. Self-nominations are not allowed, and the current TC Chair and Vice-Chairs of the TC are not eligible.

Members of the TC Award Selection Committee cannot act as nominator, nominee or reference of the TC Award. In case of conflict of interests, TC Award Selection Committee members need to resign, and possibly replaced in order to have a committee of at least three members.

The committee will source external evaluations (possibly only for shortlisted candidates); referees may include some or all of the 3 referees suggested by the nominator and any number of other additional referees. The nominator cannot act as a referee. The chairperson of the IFAC Technical Committee on Modeling, Identification and Signal Processing informs the successful candidate, inviting her/him to attend the Awards Ceremony at the next IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID).