The TC 9.1 focuses on all aspects of modeling, analysis, synthesis, control, and management  in Economic, Business, and Financial Systems. It aims at bringing together scientists and users to explore current theoretical developments of information techniques for economic systems, businesses and finance. Operating at the interface between economics, business administration and financial engineering and comprising related areas like econometrics, statistics, control science, computer sciences, operations research, and management science, the spectrum of the TC includes theoretical and computational methods and tools for decision and control in economics, finance and management.


The main topics / problematics (any methods and tools) include, but not limited to, the followings:

Econometric models

General equilibrium models

Models with explicit expectations and learning

Agent-based models

Modeling languages

Artificial intelligence

Game Theory

Genetic and evolutionary programming

Decision support and expert systems

Operations research applications

Management control diagnostic

Analysis and design to meet business objectives

Digital communications media and workflow automations across the enterprise

Interactive management control

Strategy and organizational performance

 Management control system in finance