IFAC Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) Symposium series

This is the main event organised by IFAC TC7.5 and is a part of the IFAC Master Plan

The term “Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles” relates to automated vehicles and mobile robots capable of performing motion control tasks in unstructured or partially structured environments with little (if any) assistance from human supervisors. They can operate either in land, water or air environments. Recent developments in the area of intelligent autonomous vehicles aim at enabling them to perform complex navigation and motion tasks in co-operation with each other, with human operated systems, and with the surrounding environment.

Past IAV symposia were held in

2019 Gdańsk, Poland (the 10th edition)

2016 Leipzig, Germany (the 9th edition)

2013 Gold Coast, Australia (the 8th edition)

2010 Lecce, Italy (the 7th edition)

2007 Toulouse, France (the 6th edition)

2004 Lisbon, Portugal (the 5th edition)

2001 Sapporo, Japan (the 4th edition)

1998 Madrid, Spain (the 3rd edition)

1995 Espoo, Finland (the 2nd edition)

1993 Southampton, UK (the 1st edition)


The IAV2019 will be held in Polandand will provide an excellent opportunity for the presentation and discussion of research and development work in the general area of intelligent autonomous vehicles and systems. Researchers and practitioners from the fields of land, air and marine robotics & autonomous systems will be brought together to discuss common theoretical and practical problems, describe scientific and commercial applications and explore avenues for future research.