Working Group 3: Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems

Name of Chair: 

Clive Roberts FIRSE FIET



Everyday life relies heavily on the reliable operation and intelligent management of large-scale critical infrastructures, such as electric power and gas systems, telecommunication networks, water distribution networks, urban water systems. The monitoring, control and security of such network type systems are becoming increasingly more challenging as their size, complexity and interactions are steadily growing. Moreover, these critical infrastructures are susceptible to natural disasters, frequent failures, as well as malicious attacks. There is an urgent need to develop a common system-theoretic framework for modeling the behavior of critical infrastructure systems and for designing algorithms for intelligent monitoring, control and security of such systems. This WG contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of computational intelligence and autonomous agents, with specific emphasis on the application of these methodologies in monitoring and controlling large-scale distributed complex systems. The WG activities are of multidisciplinary nature, addressing key and critical aspects of energy infrastructures, communication infrastructures and water infrastructures, and their management, monitoring and control through innovative techniques based on the principles of distributed, multi-level multi-layer control, intelligent agents, adaptivity, fault tolerance and self-healing approaches aided by intelligent sensors and actuators.