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TC 5.2. Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control

Welcome Message from the Chair

The activities of the Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control Technical Committee are devoted to promote the development of formal descriptive or prescriptive models of manufacturing systems. Models range from optimization and knowledge-based models to simulation models (discrete-event and continuous), all of them oriented to design of production systems and supply networks, production and supply chain management. 

Technical areas of interest in this committee include:
(a) Models of manufacturing tasks in production as well as assembly units, with the aim of designing architectures of workstations, cells and production lines, quality assurance and maintenance;
(b) Models of manufacturing processes aiming at the design of procedures for process planning, production planning and control, job and activity scheduling, inventory control and logistics;
(c) Models of computer-aided, communication-based and Internet-based procedures and processes with the aim of accomplishing the functions listed in (a) and (b).