This Technical Committee considers all aspects of computerized and telecommunication-based automation systems, providing services to remote equipment. 
This addresses systems integrating methods of remote control (in particular networked control, supervisory control, distributed control) and cooperative communication (including the Internet, wireless communication)
for remote applications, such as tele-presence, tele-operation, tele-maintenance, tele-diagnosis, remote sensor data acquisition. 
Specific application areas include tele-medicine, tele-education, traffic control, robots for hazardous environments, remote industrial automation, maritime and aerospace systems, automotive systems and smart homes.

Telematics applications benefit from increasing capabilities in Web technology, telecommunication, machine-to-machine communication, and information processing. 
The concepts of Cyber Physical Systems, Industrial Internet and of Internet of Thinks enlarge the scope of classical remote control. 
Beyond reference examples of new technology one needs appropriate theory, methods, proof of concepts and standardization as well. 
All these aspects are within the scope of Technical Committee 3.3.