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TC 3.3. Telematics: Control via Communication Networks

Welcome Message from the Chair


As the elected Chair for the triennium 2014 - 2017, I want to welcome all who are interested in the work of TC 3.3 - Telematics: Control via Communication Networks.

As a person who is involved in applied research on automatic control I feel that there is still the classical distinction between control theory and automation technology. Control theory is heavily based on systems theory and uses a lot of mathematics. Automation technology is strongly driven by information technology. All of us know: Any successful solution in automatic control needs both: algorithms and theory as well as engineering and software for implementation. 

According to the history of IFAC, this organization has its focus on control theory. However, since several years there are many attempts to strengthen the aspects of automation technology within IFAC. The work of CC3 – Computers, Cognition and Communication is the best indication of this attempt. Automation technology and implementation need high quality theory as well. I am convinced that they need theory, they need good concepts, they need information models etc. And, what about contributions reporting on successful control applications? What about more participants from industry in IFAC events?

This TC addresses systems integrating methods of remote control and cooperative communication for remote applications, such as tele-presence, tele-operation, tele-maintenance, tele-diagnosis, remote sensor data acquisition. Specific emphasis is on application areas including tele-medicine, tele-education, traffic control, robots for hazardous environments, remote industrial automation, maritime and aerospace systems, automotive systems and smart homes.

Having a closer look at the scope of TC 3.3 – Telematics: Control via Communication Networks this TC offers a lot of possibilities to strengthen the synergy of sound control theory and fruitful application of automation technology. Your are invited to contribute!


Prof. Ulrich Jumar




 Conference Team


4th IFAC Symposium on Telematics Application TA 2016, Porto Alegre, Brazil, November 6-9, 2016

Thanks to our Conference Commitee with Carlos Pereira, Renato Henriques, Jeferson Flores, Andres Melendez, Alecio Binotto, Philipp Nenninger, Edison de Freitas and Achim Rettberg, 

the symposium has been a great success.